Ahh nothing like the great outdoors!  Even a simple family picnic can seem like a world away when you sit under the trees while you eat.
Especially when you cook bacon with your love on a cast iron skillet.  These vintage ads are not only “campy” they are simply a world away.












I am fascinated by vintage advertisements from every era.  Its intriguing to look at ads throughout the ages and see how the style of clothing and even the style of thinking has changed over the decades.  With the popularity of the show Mad Men, we see the creation of advertisements and the motives that advertisers have hiding behind the surface, most of which involves money.  Besides the interesting theories one has about psychology and the hidden agenda ad-men have.  I like to look at the art of the photo or illustration.  Continuing on with my journey to find new (and old) art, I look to past advertisements for my viewing pleasure.

My new series of blog posts dedicated to vintage advertisements, this one is all meat-centric.  As I scoured the internet I noticed the mass amount of meat ads, granted most of them are TV Dinners, Spam and other various canned meats.  I love the illustrations (mostly because its food illustrations) but also because its like a time capsule into what people ate in another era.  Some of the foods look bizarre and unconventional some downright disgusting but thats why I love it.  My favorites ads are from the American Meat Institute.  I do apologize some of these images do not have dates, but by the style we can all kinda take a guess.

This illustration of the Universal Food Chopper is from 1890.  Hmm I wonder what all of this would taste like all ground up together…I’m sure chopped up lobster shell and animal bones would taste delicious!

1964 was the time to get a great deal on a steak dinner, and a time to say    “man alive“.

 I want an America where the bacon is nourishing! (breathing heavily)


1950 was a fine time for bacon illustrations.  Appetizing and adorable.

These illustrations are beautiful.  Without all the text (although it is interesting) I would frame this and put it on my wall.


In 1957 cold cuts were in fashion.  In my opinion always in fashion.

 1870’s had some beautiful cross hatch illustrations.


 For several decades Spam and was heavily advertised to housewives to whip up a quick meal.  This ad is from the 1940’s.


 Hamburger patties straight out of a can?  They gave it a shot in 1950.  Looks like it never caught on…I could kinda guess why.


 Ribs in a can sound disgusting, I wonder what people in the 1960’s thought.


1951 was a time to say meat is the yardstick of protein.  Fill in the dirty joke here _________.

This TV dinner is from the 1960’s.  Maybe its the little compartments…but I really think old TV dinners look adorable.  Although I do know they taste pretty gnarly.

I can’t imagine what this 1950’s salisbury steak tastes like…cat food perhaps…not that I ever tasted cat food (sidenote: yes I have).

Here’s my favorite sausage ad.  Crude, disturbing and somehow super cute.

I found all of these photos on various websites online.  Though I could not find the artists names, I do salute them and appreciate all the creativity and money hungry sensibilities that went into it.  Cheers.


One of my favorite cartoons growing up in the 80’s was the movie Charlotte’s Web. There was a scene where Templeton the rat ravaged the empty fairgrounds at night looking for leftover garbage to eat.  Even as a child I loved animated food, so that scene was super entertaining to me.  Plus, I respected a proper gluttonous rat.

Going to a County Fair is an American Tradition, like a band of Gypsies the County Fairs roll through each American city leaving behind a trail of grease.  Nothing is more Americana than crazy (questionably safe) rides, crazy (questionably safe) fried food, barn animals and feeling like a barn animal yourself after consuming thousands of calories.  Just take a look at these ridiculous food stands, I love the fact they are giant overwhelming fake food facades.  Only in America.

Now once you enter the fairgrounds you smell all the delicious BBQ smoke and all the other foods just cooking away.  Then you begin to come to the realization.  I’m going to eat like a pig.  Like a PIG.

Naturally you’ll start off with a few craft beers with your buddies.  Now remember, the fair is crucial for the buddy system if you want to come out of this food tour alive.  The key is delegating the expensive snack/meal purchases so you don’t overeat and don’t overspend.  I’m a fan of “tapas” style food, I like getting little bites of things.  I’ve never been a big fan of dedicating to just one meal.

Along your journey you will encounter many temptations.  Now, feel free to indulge your cravings, but keep in mind you have a long way to go.  If you see any sort of “bacon wrapped” or “bacon battered” item, STOP!  The Nike brand would encourage you to ‘Just Do It’.  Besides you’ll  walk a lot, burning tons on calories, yada, yada, yada.

The bacon wrapped pickles are worth a try.  The bacon is delightfully crunchy (because its deep fried) and the pickles have a crisp wet feel at the end of your bite.  Sounds kinda strange.  Because it is.  But still rather good.

Now bacon wrapped shrimp?!  Oh my dear swine.  The bacon wrapped shrimp.  It was heavenly.  Super crispy.

Grilled corn on the cob may be the healthiest option at the fair….well that’s before you lather mayo, Parmesan, chili and other condiments all over it.  It’s totally Mexican street Paleta style.

(Don’t forget the garlic salt and the Tapatio…an absolute must!)

The LA County Fair now has various food trucks serving new trendy food options.  A teriyaki ramen burger is all the rage right now.  Not bad, but I’m still not sure what all the fuss is about.

Now, let me discuss the heavyweight class.  The quintessential ‘MERICA’ FUCK YEA’ food.  The Krispy Kreme Triple Cheeseburger.  This is one you must share with several of your friends.  If this is something you polish off solo…well I’m sure there are ambulances nearby to help resuscitate your poor heart.  But I would recommend at least tasting this once in your life, the sweet and savory go surprisingly well together.  But really, lets call a spade a spade, this beast is a disgusting sticky mess.

The county fair is nothing without a bunch of sweets to get all the kids hopped up on way too much sugar.  Like these cinnamon and sugar donuts. Mmmm do-nuts.

If deep fried dough is not your thing.  How about pure unadulterated liquid RED?  Pure sugar straight tapped to the veins.  This snow cone will leave you looking a mess.  Make sure you choose your color wisely because that will be your new tongue and lipstick color for the next few hours.

Now my favorite dessert.  I’m usually not a big fan of sweets AT ALL.  Well, except for macaroons and soft serve ice cream.  Not regular ice cream.  Soft serve ice cream!  Soft serve is like the down comforter of the desserts.  Soft, smooth and creamy enough to melt into.


Luckily this event is only once a year because my heart can only handle this insanity but once a year.   This is not the way to live, eating this way will certainly clog your arteries.  Riding the scary makeshift rides that are folded up and built by carnies is probably not the safest thing to do everyday of your life.  But once a year?  Hell yea, I’ll eat like shit and get on the sketchy Ferris wheel to marvel at this stunning view.



My love for a good pun will never die.  I can’t get enough of hearing the groans people make after you say a clever pun, it truly is priceless.  Sometimes puns could be so bad/good they can hurt.
South African graphic designer and illustrator Jaco Haasbroek puns beautifully.  He has a great sense of humor and illustrates it perfectly.  His witty humor and adorable characters will surely put a smile on any face.

Here’s an illustration that Ron Swanson would appreciate.

The breakfast club.

The egg-celent breakfast of champions.

This is why piggies have curly tails.

Different shades of T.







Lettuce put our hands together for Jaco Haasbroek.


As a young child I would visit my family in Hungary.  There were certain traditions that we brought back home to America and still practice today.  Some of these traditions make more sense on a farm in rural Hungary but sometimes you gotta make due with whichever setting you’ve got. Plus some food traditions were just too delicious to leave back in the motherland. This pastime is best enjoyed in the countryside, camping or in your garden.
Szalona Sutes‘ or ‘Bacon Roasting‘ is a tradition that is best enjoyed with family and friends.
This is a Hungarian style BBQ!  So instead of one person standing in front of a hot flame cooking, you’ve got several people sweating it out.  This is really fun and builds a since of community.
Before the meal begins everyone enjoys  a shot of Palinka (Hungarian brandy) to celebrate the gathering.  Beers can also be consumed throughout the cookout. Highly recommended!  After all, its a barbecue.

Here’s what you need:
A fire and heavy sharpened sticks (or a long metal skewer will do for all you fancies out there).

Fresh cut veggies such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions and radishes.

Pork products such as pork belly or thick cut bacon (preferably with lots of fat), Hungarian smoked sausage and some nice smoked pork tenderloin.

Bread…preferably thick rustic french bread, shepherders bread or if you’re lucky then this delightful Hungarian style bread.

Put all your meats on the stick and it is rotated on the fire.  You gotta keep spinning or your fat will burn.  You want to make the bacon crispy not charred.

The key is to get the bacon drippings on your fresh bread and even let them drip on the veggies.   You’ll notice the bacon and sausage drippings will activate the flames as it drips into the embers.

You cant rush the bacon.   Give it some time.  While you wait and continually spin you can snack on your greased bread.

After you see you’ve crisped your bacon you can start chopping the cooked bits off.

This is a great old-fashioned tradition that’s great fun with good people. There’s really nothing better than laughing at the one person that constantly keeps getting smoke in their eyes. Because we all know ‘smoke follows beauty’.

All photos are taken by me or my cousin Anita from Hungary.
The old timey photo courtesy of


I grew up playing Nintendo games. Some games were ridiculously hard to pass. I remember I used to get so mad trying to beat King Koopa.  Even as an innocent little girl I  would day dream of making koopa in a delectable turtle soup.  And Ganon from Legend of Zelda…..that awful awful pig. These were the villains of my childhood.

Illustrator Jude Buffum created these 8bit butcher diagrams.  These hilarious infographic charts satisfies the carnivore and nerdy side of me.  Plus who hasent thought of seeing these monsters hacked up into bits…..8 BITS……

King Koopa aka Bowser-Mario Brothers
Where’s all your fire breathing abilities now?! Huh, jerk?

Ganon-The Legend of Zelda
Ganon’s lust for power can never be satisfied.  Just as my love of Ocarina Steak can never be satisfied. Ganon was a jerk and should totally  be eaten. I’m certain he would taste like pig or possibly like wild boar.  This is what he gets for harming my beloved Link and Zelda.

Two little swimming foes-Mario Brothers
I would gladly eat them because I love sashimi and they were always little annoying punks anyway.


Chocobos- Final Fantasy
These are fast little birds that get you from place to place,  which leads me to believe the meat would be a little on the tough side. This one is kinda sad because they were usually pretty cute and friendly little critters.  But hey, I’m a sucker for chocobo nuggets.

Yoshi-Mario Brothers
Awww…poor poor Yoshi. But you know, he does eat some delicious fruits so that “tongue stew” must taste delightful.  An adorable dino delicacy.
Maybe you shouldn’t have run off a cliff.  Stupid…adorable Yoshi.

Jude recently was the illustrator for  a cookbook  called “Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks” where he created exploded diagrams for various recipes.  I recently ordered this book and am excited to see it, especially because I’m a big fan of unique food art and also am a fan of cooking.


Check out his other work, most are in the 8bit style too which is super fun.  I’m a sucker for anything nerdy like infographics, diagrams and charts.  Jude really did some creative work here.  Buy some of his stuff he is super nice and totally deserves some revenue.  So get on it nerds!