I grew up playing Nintendo games. Some games were ridiculously hard to pass. I remember I used to get so mad trying to beat King Koopa.  Even as an innocent little girl I  would day dream of making koopa in a delectable turtle soup.  And Ganon from Legend of Zelda…..that awful awful pig. These were the villains of my childhood.

Illustrator Jude Buffum created these 8bit butcher diagrams.  These hilarious infographic charts satisfies the carnivore and nerdy side of me.  Plus who hasent thought of seeing these monsters hacked up into bits…..8 BITS……

King Koopa aka Bowser-Mario Brothers
Where’s all your fire breathing abilities now?! Huh, jerk?

Ganon-The Legend of Zelda
Ganon’s lust for power can never be satisfied.  Just as my love of Ocarina Steak can never be satisfied. Ganon was a jerk and should totally  be eaten. I’m certain he would taste like pig or possibly like wild boar.  This is what he gets for harming my beloved Link and Zelda.

Two little swimming foes-Mario Brothers
I would gladly eat them because I love sashimi and they were always little annoying punks anyway.


Chocobos- Final Fantasy
These are fast little birds that get you from place to place,  which leads me to believe the meat would be a little on the tough side. This one is kinda sad because they were usually pretty cute and friendly little critters.  But hey, I’m a sucker for chocobo nuggets.

Yoshi-Mario Brothers
Awww…poor poor Yoshi. But you know, he does eat some delicious fruits so that “tongue stew” must taste delightful.  An adorable dino delicacy.
Maybe you shouldn’t have run off a cliff.  Stupid…adorable Yoshi.

Jude recently was the illustrator for  a cookbook  called “Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks” where he created exploded diagrams for various recipes.  I recently ordered this book and am excited to see it, especially because I’m a big fan of unique food art and also am a fan of cooking.


Check out his other work, most are in the 8bit style too which is super fun.  I’m a sucker for anything nerdy like infographics, diagrams and charts.  Jude really did some creative work here.  Buy some of his stuff he is super nice and totally deserves some revenue.  So get on it nerds!