Disneyland.  The Happiest Place on Earth.  Not just for little kids and families anymore.  If you’re an adult with no kids and with plenty of disposable income to spend on yourself, you can buy yourself an annual pass.  One would wonder why you’d expose yourself to disgusting screaming children, long lines and  hordes of zombie like Disney geeks.  Well besides having a mild dusting of Disney geek in me myself, I go for the food.

Just thinking about the food at Disneyland makes me feel famished.


While I was in college I worked as a wise cracking Jungle Cruise skipper.  Getting to know the Disneyland underbelly only fueled my fascination with it even more.  I left right before the mouse turned me into a bitter mummy forever.  Fortunately I left with a deep love for it. Disneyland is no longer my childhood dream world or my former employer. In my adult life Disney is now a place where I can go with friends to eat delicious food and people watch.

Main Street USA is a great place to people watch and enjoy a delicious Corn Dog or Turkey Leg.  There’s something rather evil and hilariously entertaining watching stressed out moms and dads (parents that are younger than me) chase after their hyperactive kids.  Those poor saps cant enjoy Disneyland in a chill leisurely manner the way I do.  I sit looking at my ten dollar churro and laugh. Maybe I’m the fool.  Disney knows how to pull a Stromboli and puppeteer us all as he did Pinocchio (never mind he had no strings) well, you know what I mean. If you play Disneyland right you can make it your own Pleasure Island…well except for turning into jackasses.  Hmm well never mind.


This is my second edition of my favorite Disney foods:

  • The Corn Dog from the Little Red Wagon on Main Street at Disneyland

The Corn dog is a magical deep fried tube meat.  Freshly dipped and made to order.  The corn batter is delightfully crispy and comforting.  They radiate a golden glow that lights up all of Disneyland and into further reaches of Anaheim.  With all of the money that the Disney company has I sometimes wonder whether or not they were actually dipped in solid gold. These puppies used to be a lot bigger and a lot more unmanageable.  The stick could not hold of the weight of the meat.  Now they are a little more Disney friendly.  Be careful while taking a photo with this big boy.  You might offend the faint of heart.




  • The Lobster Nachos from Cove Bar in Disney’s California Adventure.

The lobster nachos is the Indiana Jones adventure for food.  Its like an archeological dig through the chip and cheese temple.  Now with nachos we all know the goods are up on top.  The cheese holds down the whole fort but once you penetrate the fortress of cheese the world is yours.  With this lovely stack you make your way to the bottom and begin the true difficult excavation process.  You still find warm pools of cheese and lone lobster stragglers.   One of my favorite things about this is the the view of the park, and the cocktails.  The Cove Bar has cocktails, so theres that.

Things could get wild if you’re not careful in the world of this intense nacho experience.  Lots of chip loving to go around.




  •  Beer and Pretzels from Disney’s California Adventure.

Combining a yummy Karl Strauss craft brewed beer with anything Disney is a magical event indeed.  The jalapeno cheese filled pretzel is delicious.  Warm gooey center, crispy outside layer.  Most pretzels I’ve eaten I’ve had to lather with mustard just to mask the bland taste of a dry pretzel.  This pretzel is so great the mustard is optional, hell, even the nacho cheese is optional.

I thought the cream cheese pretzel would be more savory.  Its totally more on the sweet side.  The outside has a slight crisp while the inside remains very deliciously warm and gooey.  I still recommend the Jalapeno one over this one.  I suppose it just depends on your taste buds.




  • Rice Crispy Treat from Candy Palace on Main Street or Pooh Corner in Critter Country in Disneyland.

The Rice crispy treat is a beautiful thing.  Always decorated to fit the season, always an adorable treat to put a big smile on your face.  This pretty blue sprinkled on made my mouth and teeth blue but I was proud to shine my pearly blues in the Magic Kingdom.  Tis the season.

This one was covered with white chocolate to look like a mummy.  So I could say this mummy was yummy??



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