Bento boxes are like cartoon foods come to life.   All those adorable little characters, pops of color all placed in tiny little boxes.  Any boring meal could become a work of art.
As I get older it seems as though I am becoming more and more obsessed with everything “cute”.
Kawaii, means “cute” “adorable” and “loveable”.  Seems as though Japanese culture is littered with everything kawaii.   I think if I went to Japan my head would explode from all things adorable. I could hardly contain myself when I go into a Sanrio store and am bombarded with pink and miniature everything.  Too much cute.

Bento boxes that are in the style of kawaii is almost too amazing.  Trying to make food cute?  Yes.  Yes please.   Its like food styling jumped into a big pool of adorable.


I really respect those moms (and pops) that make little bento meals for their children.  For them to add so much whimsy and creativity into preparing food.  Its really very beautiful.  I really do think this gesture goes deep into the little ones soul more than the parent knows.


Eating a fun and playful meal that also happens to be nutritious is an amazing gift a parent can give to their child.


Imagination is such an underused muscle.  Especially if everyone is rushing around this crazy world.  Sometimes its the fine details in life that seep into our subconscious.


I really respect the art of bento making.   Bento boxes are a sign of care and love. Lots of thought went into the presentation.


Because we all know we eat with our eyes first.  My kawaii loving eyeballs are already feasting from just looking at these photos.  If I had a meal like this I’m sure I  would enjoy it a million times more if its a little sandwich that looks like Hello Kitty or a rice ball in the shape of Toroto.  S-O    D-A-M-N    C-U-T-E ! ! !


-i contacted all bento artists for permission to use these photos. you can find them all on instagram or on these sites



There are certain types of foods that merely exist to destroy your mouth.
There are the evil foods that cut the roof of your mouth and there are the bastards that burn the shit out of your tongue.
Both classes of foods are equally as demonic and delicious.
Sometimes you forget how much damage these foods do because but we partake anyway.
I’m sure we CAN wait a few minutes to let things cool down, but I’m hungry NOW!
Plus, I’m sure its fine, right?
Are we masochists? Cocky? Idiots?
As a seasoned eater of foods and drinker of hot beverages I think I have a technique for all food and drinks. But my eagerness and hunger always proves to be my demise.
Burning your tongue via Pizza is an easy road to pain. Pizza looks so innocent, but underneath that delicious cheese sheet lies a hot steamy devil.
Cutting the roof of your mouth really sucks because if you get it good enough you can taste a hint of blood. Mmmm. Yuck.
Thanks Captain Crunch!
Crispy bread can be a sonofabitch. Please proceed with caution when eating a ciabatta sandwich. These sandwiches are quite treacherous.
Right when you get your hands on a crispy sandwich you know what you’re in for.
Get ready to go for a ride!
There’s no right way to bite into it and NOT injure yourself.
You gotta dedicate. Think of it as “extreme” eating.
So relax and take a moment to think about the next few days.
Do you need your taste buds?
Are you comfortable having a tore up mouth?
More than likely you can practice a bit of patience or try not to order the crunchiest piece of bread. Sip your coffee or blow on your soup. Lets all try and be responsible adults.