Illustrator and character designer Jerrod Maruyama is creating some pretty amazing work.  He’s drawing stuff in the style of kawaii (all things cute and adorable).

like this little TV Dinner
or this breakfast scene

Most pop culture icons are subject to his cute-ification.   Breaking Bad, Hellboy, Star Wars and his most popular series,  Disney characters.  I know most of my art postings have been “food illustrations”, but my inner geek is dying to post my nerdy loves.  You have been warned….

I am a HUGE Legend of Zelda fan.



Louie CK (fellow Hungarian BTW)

These Disney characters are cute enough for any adult but would be totally adorable in a nursery.


Chip and Dale

Because I cannot post all of his wonderful work you’ll have to take a look at his website yourself.  The little geek inside me gets super giddy when I see his work.  He really captures the spirit of Disney characters very well.  I feel like all of his illustrations has a sweet kawaii feel that I like so very much but also maintains  a minimalist vibe.  All of his character design is very consistent.  Something an obsessive collector (such as myself) goes crazy for.  I mean who could say no to this little smiling spam. Awww….

Little Spam

(i have contacted the artist to use these photos, hes super nice so please buy his stuff!)


Pizza and parties go hand in hand.  Crazy fun to eat and as far as food goes its pretty damn interesting to look at.   Basic shapes, colorful toppings and of course drippy melty cheese. Pizza could be an illustrators dream come true .   Doodling little pizzas sound like a good time to me.

Japanese artist Kimiaki Yaegashi a.k.a. Okimi, created a series featuring pizza.  These paintings also have a hot chick wearing a bikini, a naked baby, a cat, a bird/turtle/fish man and a Tengu.  In Japanese folk culture the Tengu is a legendary mountain goblin that often represents vanity and pride.  There’s a Japanese expression, ‘Tengu ni naru,’ which means, ‘He’s turning into a Tengu,’ used when describing a person who is arrogant, proud or conceited.

Now, the meaning of all these characters (including the pizza) on each of these drawings is up to you.  These make me so happy, I cant help but giggle. They are abstract, wacky and beautiful.

A slice of pizza in your underpants?  On your boobies?  Over your eyes?  What about putting your head through it?






Check out his website and buy some of his stuff.  I most certainly will.


I have a deep love of food illustrations and Hungarian food.  Sometimes I wander into the scary world of the  inter-webs looking for the perfect marriage of my two loves.  Instagram led me to artist named Nick Hilditch.  (On Instagram he goes by the name @pockless.)

He has a whimsical look at traditional Hungarian dishes.  These drawings left me laughing, nostalgic and hungry.  He traveled to Hungary in 1996, recorded his food travels not with photographs like most of us common fools, but with art.
I love these.
I love everything about these.
Well done Mr. Hilditch.  I’d like to explore other parts of the world with you.



As a child I always dreaded the question “where is your family from?”  Because I know the question that would immediately follow would be , “Oh, your family is from Hungary?  Are you hungry?”

The answer was and will always be yes.

Yes, I am hungry/Hungary.

Onions, lard and paprika.  The three things that I can say shaped my culinary tastes growing up and that defines the things I crave today.

Its also interesting that Hungary is the only country on this list that has lard as a “spice”.  Can rendered pig fat be a spice?  I don’t know.  But I do know I enjoy a healthy {unhealthy} spoonful of lard spread on a fresh piece of bread.  Straight up rural Hungarian farmer status,  just the way my grandfather did.

picture courtesy of

infographic designed by DataDail