As a child I always dreaded the question “where is your family from?”  Because I know the question that would immediately follow would be , “Oh, your family is from Hungary?  Are you hungry?”

The answer was and will always be yes.

Yes, I am hungry/Hungary.

Onions, lard and paprika.  The three things that I can say shaped my culinary tastes growing up and that defines the things I crave today.

Its also interesting that Hungary is the only country on this list that has lard as a “spice”.  Can rendered pig fat be a spice?  I don’t know.  But I do know I enjoy a healthy {unhealthy} spoonful of lard spread on a fresh piece of bread.  Straight up rural Hungarian farmer status,  just the way my grandfather did.

picture courtesy of foodbeast.com

infographic designed by DataDail





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