About 20 miles East of Downtown Los Angeles, nestled in the San Gabriel Valley is a small city called La Puente. If you visit my hometown of La Puente you’ll see lots of concrete, industry, strip malls and strip clubs. Aside from all this majestic beauty we have an old school Drive-In theater and the most crazy delicious hole in the wall Mexican food dives.
Colonia Taco Lounge is not one of these dives. I’ll discuss delicious street La Puente meat another time.
This restaurant is right off the 605 freeway off of exit Valley Blvd. It’s right next to a motel that rents its rooms for a mere $29 an hour and its across the street from a tittie bar called ‘Satin Gentlemen’s Club’. I’m still waiting to see a man wearing a top hat and monocle come out of one of these infamous “gentlemen’s clubs”.

These tacos are well crafted and have distinctively unique flavors. I can only dream of eating a taco with seared queso fresco, bacon and avocado (The Campeon). Here, this dream is a reality.  Bacon is finally in a taco, BACON!

Plus I want to mention they have great cocktails and delicious craft brews.  Tuesdays here are a  magical day because ALL tacos are only $2.50.  This may be the best time to sample everything on the menu.

When I get tacos I usually order all the meat ones before even think about the vegetarian options. Because lets face it, USUALLY the vegetarian option is sub-par. Throw a few veggies on a tortilla, or fry up a quick potato taco. Not here. At Colonia the vegetarian tacos may be some of the best tacos in all of Los Angeles. Here are a few of my favorite vegetarian vibes.
-Battered Cauliflower (Coliflor)
-Mushroom with a Bourbon Cilantro Sauce (Huitlacoche)
-Squash Succotash (Chayote)
-Potato with a bit of fried lemon wedge (Papa)

Some of my favorite meat options here are all Guisados style stewed meats
-Pork and Pumpkin
-Beef/Beer which is beef braised in stout beer
-Duck Confit

Below (Campeon)


Below (Beef and Beer)


Below (Coliflor)


Below (Papa)


Below (Bunelos)

So ridiculously good. Borderline upsetting.

As a representative of the La Puente board of tourism, I urge you all to go eat some tacos and drink some cocktails at Colonia then go watch a double feature at the Vineland Drive-In theater.
-(side note: I’m not from the board of tourism)

Colonia Taco Lounge
13030 E. Valley Blvd
La Puente,  Ca 91746


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