Graphic designer Darkchoocoolat aka Florent Rousseau has been creating some super fun nerdy art.  8 bit fruits and veggies can brighten up my day.  Pop culture anything always sparks my interest.
You should probably eat five fruits and vegetables a day to be in good health.  Its easy when they look this delicious and adorable.

This health bar is super clever. Not a bad idea if you’d like to see some of your video game characters zombiefied. Something like this would be pretty useful in a game when you’ve died. Plus you gotta think that zombies have different character abilities. Sounds like a fun game to play if you ask me.

What about everybody’s favorite Mario Bros mushroom? What about all your other favorite characters? The Eye of Sauron, Link, Robocop or Darth Vader? Mushrooms have to dress up for Halloween too ya know.

Be careful At-At! Banana peels are dangerous.

Lets not forget about our favorite Breaking Bad scalawag Walter White. Those of us that watched the show know he makes a killer breakfast for Walt Jr so why cant he make a delicious bread?  Actually maybe his bread would taste a little meth-y.

Here’s the kawaii version of the same print. Besides, we all love inanimate objects with little faces.


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