The cutesy or “kawaii” style of art has always put a smile on my face.  I’m just a sucker for inanimate objects with dot eyes and mischievous smiles.

Malaysian artist Suah Wei Hong aka ‘Kuso Design‘ has been creating some amazing work.  Though they may look cute on the outside, these images are simple and profound.  They tell the life lessons of love, loss and family.  Yes, they have cute eyes but they still manage to evoke some strong emotions out of even the hardest heart.  I think the artist was smart using solid background colors to really showcase these characters.

Salmon Roe fight?  Just siblings playing around.

Mama Salmon cooks all her meals with love.
photo 3 (1)

What about stressed out daddy Tuna?
photo 4 (1)

These cookies make me feel all the feels.
photo 2

Poor digital camera…another hard lesson taught by the cutest of characters.  Sometimes the newer model isn’t the better choice.  Its just whatever fits us best.
photo 1

This image is so simple and yet so compelling.  Loss.  Its a sonofabitch.

The lesson of patience and birth.
photo 4

The lesson of our impending demise.

Or sometimes its a just a play on words.



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