There are many perks associated with camping.  Fresh air, connecting with nature, connecting with friends and family, hiking, stargazing and the best thing of all is eating camp food.  Nothing beats cooking a big meal after a long hike.  There’s something very special about the effort that goes into building a fire, chopping up the veggies, marinating the meat all while cracking a few cold beers under the trees.  Cooking a delicious meal in the middle of the wilderness is very special thing that lets us get in touch with our primitive selves.

Meal times at camp could be the times where people connect the most.  Maybe because of the smell of the food, the collaborative help or just the general buzz of the vultures (your friends) taking bites of food as you try and cook a meal.  Tacos are always a welcome guest at campsites.


Prepare some chili at home, bring it camping and simply heat it up over the open fire.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially when camping.  We all know waking up with the smell of bacon is the absolute best, add that to the smell of fresh air and a dash of campfire smell and we’ve got the holy trinity of smells. The best breakfast recommendation will always be breakfast burritos.  But when you’re in a rush a quick hard boiled egg and some snacks will do just fine.  Get in touch with mother nature, eat Lunchables…..mmm  delicious sodium.



Tri-tip cooking in its own delicious meat juices.
unnamed (2)

Get some frozen hash browns, add cheese and stick on the fire.

I quick mash of an avocado with a pinch of spices for your starving friends.

If a simple can of Spaghetti O’s is not your thing, you can always upgrade it by adding spiced sausages, tomatoes, onions and basil to make a semi-upscale meal (ok not upscale at all).  If anything this may qualify as stoner food.  mmm stoner food.



Eating is no big deal even if you cant (or refuse) to cook.  Simply stick a hot link on the fire.  Or eat a bunch of s’mores.  mmm s’mores.


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