Playing around with clay is super fun.  When I was a little girl loved sculpting little tiny meals for my dolls.  Granted they never looked as good as the pre-made plastic foods that Mattel manufactured.  But for a girl that couldn’t afford the expensive stuff these tiny mediocre clay foods were acceptable for my Barbies. After college i began to experiment with polymer clay and created miniature food shaped earrings and charms and even got a chance to do the craft fair/flea market circuit.  I had a great time creating these tiny detailed pieces but it sure does take lots and lots of work.  I really appreciate how much effort goes into these sculpts.

Husband and wife team Liz and Jimmy Reed are Cuddles and Rage. This creative duo creates some pretty spectacular work. Whether its sculpting or drawing comics these two have an eye for the wacky and for the witty.  These little sculpted dioramas take up a life and story of their own.  The subtle expression on each characters faces are amazing.  I am still baffled by how they get that killer texture on the clay,  it’s really quite mind blowing.

This is how doughnuts get their sprinkles.

This burrito seemed to have spill his guts out.

The chocolate sauce looks so realistic on this ice cream sundae its pretty amazing.  Be careful if you keep this out in front of kids or your buddies that have the munchies.

This pancake breakup is super sad.  I’m sure most of could relate to crying tears of butter, especially Paula Deen.

Attack of the trash zombie food.

This pie is so vain she needed a face lift to look beautiful.

Cookie torture device.  I like the little cookie crumbles on the bottom of the glass.  Rest in peace cookie, you were beloved.

Ghost chilies can indeed be pretty terrifying, and delicious.

A comfortable pea in a pod.


Take a look at your ice before you drink it.  Are they screaming?

What’s with this jerk orange juice just grabbing straight through the doughnut?  I understand doughnuts irritation and love the expression on his face.

This corn dog drama is a reoccurring comic on Cuddles and Rage.  I like to see all the drama unfold, its like a morning soap opera.

Check out this website or by some stuff on Etsy.  They are definitely one of my favorite artists out there and they are super nice people.


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